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The possessió Son Verí, in the town of Marratxi begins with Mr. Tomàs José de Verí y Togores, one of the most remarkable people during the Illustration in Mallorca. Surrounding Son Verí we can find the cereal crops in the plain, the olive trees in the mountain area or the fig trees, almond trees and the vineyards which recreate the scenery from those times.

The search for authenticity in the surroundings highlighting Mallorca’s past, on the part of Maca de Castro, in charge of the namesake restaurant, which holds 3 Soles Repsol, a Michelin Star and a Green Michelin Star, has managed to regain and idyllic building that fostered the culinary excellence of the epoch. Son Verí returns with a commitment for gourmet cuisine linked to special moments. 

Let us carry you away, we will look after every detail to make your instant an inevitable part of your history.

The noble interior patio which is joined to the great vaulted by crossed rib arches room are a unique feature that without any doubt emphasize the exceptional dedication to detail. The grand vegetal extension where it is located, in the forest, hides an architectural ensemble full of classic reminiscences that provide it with warmth. Its gardens add to its delicacy. It is by all means a very special place

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